McDonalds ChickenTenders by Transavia

McDonald’s launches the Supreme Chicken Tenders, developed together with Transavia

McDonald’s launches, for the first time in Romania, the Supreme Chicken Tenders, prepared by a recipe developed together with Transavia, the leader of the domestic poultry market. The new Supreme Chicken Tenders contain three generous and tasty pieces of tender chicken breast, wrapped in a thin layer of crispy breadcrumbs, and seasoned with hot pepper flakes. The new products are available in all McDonald’s restaurants in Romania, starting June 25.

The new Supreme Chicken Tenders are made with 100% whole pieces of Fragedo chicken breast, a range under which Transavia offers products of the highest quality, with authentic taste, tenderness, and flavour, and a superior nutritional value. Thus, McDonald’s continues to collaborate with its local partners and to develop new recipes with premium ingredients, that meet the needs and preferences of the Romanian consumers.

“40% of the ingredients we use in our restaurants come from local suppliers and we are glad that we had the opportunity to create this recipe together with our reliable partners from Transavia. Chicken is one of the favourite ingredients of Romanians and because we always want to come up with new recipes, this summer we offer our guests a product made in Romania, made of 100% juicy and tasty chicken breast", stated Irina Angelescu, marketing director of Premier Restaurants Romania, the company that operates McDonald's restaurants in Romania.

"Our partnership with McDonald's, built on trust and on the attention that each of us pays to quality standards, brings to Romanian customers a product with an authentic taste of tender and tasty chicken breast, well made in Romania. Naturally raised and fed with cereals, 100% cropped in our own farms where we strictly comply with all European safety and sustainability regulations, the Fragedo chickens guarantee the new Supreme Chicken Tenders recipe a superior nutritional value, a tender texture, and a savoury taste. Through our partnership, we want to continue to offer together new recipes to the taste of Romanians, with the same responsibility and dedication, based on our delicious and safe chicken meat", added Tulia Cășvean, director of communication and PR Transavia.

The new Supreme Chicken Tenders are available in all McDonald's restaurants in the country, including McDrive or through McDelivery, starting June 25, 2021. A serving of Supreme Chicken Tenders contains three generous pieces of chicken, and consumers can order it as a stand-alone portion or it can be included in a menu, along with a soft drink of their choice and fries.


About Premier Restaurants Romania

Premier Restaurants Romania operates the McDonald’s restaurants in Romania. McDonald’s is the leader in the restaurant market, with 86 restaurants in 26 cities, including 41 McDrive restaurants and 40 McCafé cafes. So far, the company has invested over 800 million lei in Romania and has a team of 5,500 employees who offer consumers their favourite products, prepared from quality ingredients and served every time with a smile on their face.

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About Premier Capital

Premier Restaurants Romania is part of Premier Capital, the development partner of McDonald’s restaurants in Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, and Romania. Premier Capital plc operates 157 restaurants in 6 countries and has over 8,800 employees. Premier Capital plc is the McDonald’s business of Hili Ventures Ltd, a group involved in various logistics, shipping, engineering, oil and gas, technology, property, hospitality and leasing operations, and which has partnerships with McDonald’s and Apple. Active in 10 countries in Central and Eastern Europe and North Africa with a team of 9,500 employees, Hili Ventures is a partner of Cisco, CMA CGM, Diebold Nixdorf, Gemalto, Hofmann, IBM, Konecranes, Lenovo, Microsoft, NCR, Tranter, Terberg and other global companies.

About Transavia

Transavia is the leader of the domestic poultry market and one of the most important family businesses, which owns and produces the brands Fragedo, Libertan and Papane. Included in the top of the most valuable companies in Romania, Transavia operates sustainably with a vertically integrated business model, based on the best practices and the strictest protocols in the entire production and distribution chain, from grain to fork. In its 30 years of activity, Transavia has constantly invested in modernization and state-of-the-art technology and has adopted innovation as a source of sustainable business growth and predictability for the future. One of the largest Romanian employers, Transavia currently has over 2,400 employees, who work mainly in the 29 poultry farms and in the 4 vegetable production farms, in the compound feed factory, in the 3 state-of-the-art slaughterhouses, and in the meat processing plant. Over 100,000 tons of chicken are produced annually in the Transavia farms, located in 8 counties in Romania. Over 25% of the company's annual production is exported to several European countries, such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Hungary, Greece, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Spain and Croatia, but also to the African continent, in the Mediterranean area or in the CIS.