What is Transavia

Transavia is one of the most well-known family businesses in Romania, the local leader in the poultry industry, sustainably operating a vertically integrated business model, in order to provide the best standard in quality and food safety to Romanians and consumers worldwide.  

Transavia story was written in time, with patience and respect for the value of work and demanding the best of ourselves, naturally, all to obtain the highest quality products supplied to consumers. Relying on trust, care and responsibility, Transavia is able to support the  promise of “Well made in Romania”.

Permanent opening to innovation in business has contributed to the current Transavia success, ranking the company among the most valuable businesses in Romania. Product quality and achieved performance has brought the company the title of Supplier of the Royal House of Romania in 2006, as well as other national and international awards.

Currently, Transavia has over 2,300 employees, over 560 houses in 31 poultry breeding farms and over 10,000 ha grown with cereals for poultry own consumption., one feed mill, 3 slaughterhouses and one meat processing factory, located in 8 Romanian counties: Alba, Cluj, Sibiu, Brașov, Timiș, Mureș, Harghita and Caraș Severin,  with a total production of 100,000 tons of chicken meat per year.

The company’s products show the highest quality standards and are present in most of the modern retail chains, through Fragedo and Papane brands.

30% of the annual production of the company goes on the international market to several European countries such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Hungary, Greece, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Spain, Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy and African Continent.

What is Transavia

How does Transavia operate

Transavia is a Romanian company well-established on the poultry market, based on a vertically integrated supply chain. From grain production, harvesting and accommodation for feeding the chickens, to breeding and broiler farms, slaughterhouses, meat processing plant and product distribution - to provide Romanian and global consumers with the highest food quality and safety standards.

Transavia history

The Transavia story started 32 years ago, with the vision of the entrepreneur Eng. Ioan Popa PhD. who founded his own business model, based on robust principles and values. Through continuous investments, Transavia became the leader on the Romanian chicken meat market and a reliable partner on the export market.

Eng. Ioan Popa PhD. established Transavia
Eng. Ioan Popa PhD. established Transavia, by purchasing a former agricultural farming cooperative for cows and fully transforming it into a broiler farm.
poultry farms development
During the following years, the business extension actions continued and the poultry sector was developed, by the purchase and the full modernization of the farms from Oiejdea, Sântimbru, Pâclișa and Galda de Jos (Alba County).
First slaughter house
Five years later, Transavia commissioned its first own slaughter house.
purchase of Mixed Fodder Factory
Transavia began to consolidate its integrated production system by the purchase of the feed mill.
one of the most modern slaughter houses of the South-Eastern Europe
Transavia commissioned one of the most modern slaughterhouses of the South-Eastern Europe, with a total capacity of more than 50,000 tons of meat per year.
The year 2005 brought investments of more than 7 million euro, materialized in the extension of the broiler farms and the feed mill, as well as in obtaining the export permit for the Transavia products.
Fifteen years after the opening, Transavia benefits of a stable and booming business, for such reason the company inaugurating, in 2006, two more broiler farms. In the same year, Transavia was the first company that marketed the controlled atmosphere packaging for products on the Romanian market, ensuring in such manner, the highest food quality and safety level.
Transavia started the greenfield investment objective consisting of a factory to be one of the most modern meat processing plant in Europe, with a net area of more than 10,000 sq. m, extending also its breaded food portfolio, such products becoming more and more requested on the Romanian market.
In the same year, Transavia launched its own brand - Fragedo - and the IMC campaign titled “Theater”. Therefore, soon, Fragedo became the most known and appreciated poultry meat brand on the Romanian market.
Another significant moment in 2007 was the takeover of an important player on the market, namely Avicola Braşov, one of the traditional producers on the Romanian market, with a seniority of more than 50 years in the field, consolidating in this manner its position of leader of the industry.
One year later, Transavia accepted a new challenge and inaugurated, the meat processing plant, with a total investment of more than 17 million euro. Moreover, Transavia portfolio increased by three new brands - Papane, Ella Bella and Frateus.
2009 is a year dominated by the global economic recession but Transavia held its course and continually supported the promotion and quality of its portfolio of brands. This attitude helped the company to grow further, even under more difficult macroeconomic conditions.
In 2014, Transavia took over the assets of Food 2000 of Caraş-Severin, proceeding to a modernization of all the relevant facilities, before integrating them in its production flow.
It is a year of changes, being built a new breeding farm in Cristian, Sibiu County, a new broiler farm in Jebel, Timiș County, and the launch in new business activities by starting the project of a golf field and a hotel.
In 2016, Transavia inaugurates the newest slaughterhouse of the company, in Bocșa, Caraş Severin County and builds one of the most modern hatching stations, provided with cutting-edge automation technologies. In same year, on the occasion of the 25 years of activity anniversary, Transavia receives a new visual identity pursuant a re-branding process and the new headquarters of the company, providing the employees with remarkable work conditions, is inaugurated.
• Official opening of Theodora Golf Club, Alba - the largest golf resort in Romania
• 2 new poultry farms in Caraș-Severin county
• Transavia receives exclusive Global G.A.P certification in Romania for its products
• Launch of the new Papane assortments
• A new integrated Transavia communication campaign - Transavia TV ad is awarded Ad of the Month in Romania
• Opening of 2 new poultry farms in Alba County
• Transavia- in TOP 3 - the largest grain producers in Romania
• Re-certification of Transavia as a supplier of the Romanian Royal House
• National Award for the strongest brand in the meat products section (Piața Magazine Awards)
• Pilot project – Libertan slow-reared birds
• Fragedo - new product range: fresh burgers, sausages, meatballs
-Transavia continues support for the local community and for the health system in Covid-19 health crisis
-Transavia published its first sustainability report
-Also this year, a new poultry farm was opened in Bocsa, Caras Severin and Transavia started to build a new a state-of-the-art microfarm for slow-growth chickens

Transavia Family

Transavia is a family company, founded in 1991 by Eng. Ioan Popa PhD, along with his family members who inspired, through their vision and responsibility, all those who worked with Transavia in the past 32 years. Each day is an opportunity to make things better and for this reason, Transavia never got tired to assert new quality standards in order to obtain highest-level work results.

During the 32 years of activity, Eng. Ioan Popa PhD gathered around the business a larger family - Transavia family, with more then 2,000 employees today.

Along the company, a new generation developed, and the children work today with their parents, ensuring the success of the next generation transition. Transavia family contributes, with dedication and patience, to obtaining 100% natural chicken meat products, so that Romanians and people all over the Europe can put on their tables one of the healthiest chicken meat, available on the market.  


Dedication for Quality

The certified food safety became not only the personal Transavia mission but also the main aspect customizing our products on the food industry market.

Within Transavia, the food safety implies the enforcement of all standards that support and ensure production of products whose nutritive value and consumption are the basis of a healthy alimentation. All those aspects translate in the trust of clients and consumers in our products. Transavia performs its activity in an integrated supply chain, in compliance with the latest European quality standards.

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