Dedication for Quality

The certified food safety became not only the personal Transavia mission but also the main aspect customizing our products on the food industry market.

Within Transavia, the food safety implies the enforcement of all standards that support and ensure production of products whose nutritive value and consumption are the basis of a healthy alimentation. All those aspects translate in the trust of clients and consumers in our products. Transavia performs its activity in an integrated supply chain, in compliance with the latest European quality standards.

To increase the food safety level, our production facilities can be accessed only by our vehicles that are disinfected at the entry and exit in/from the facility, and at the end of the work schedule, all the transport vehicles are washed and additionally disinfected. The access and transport roads within the company area are also daily disinfected.

The company staff has sterile protection equipment with higher safety level and is trained to strictly comply with the restrictive access and circulation rules within the production facilities.

The food product safety management system of Transavia relies on legal and regulatory provisions on food industry production, as included in laws, orders, decisions, norms and standards issued by the authorized institutions. Thus, the Transavia product quality is monitored and supervised throughout the integrated supply  chain.

Products are protected against any contaminations caused by animal, household, industrial or agricultural waste which can be present in a proportion dangerous for health. Proper actions are permanently taken to ensure that the waste is not used or disposed in a manner potentially representing a risk for health through food.

Production of agricultural raw materials is performed so the water used for irrigation or poultry feeding not to represent a risk for the consumers’ health through the food. The control measures related to air, soil, water, feedingstuff, fertilizer, pesticide, veterinary medicine contaminants and other agents used or feedingstuff and poultry control measures are applied in compliance with the recommendations of the competent authorities.

In this respect, physical - chemical and microbiological analyzes of fodder are performed, and monitoring actions over poultry flocks, analysis of the final product before being delivered on the market and analysis on the breeding farms, before populating them with poultry, are carried out by our sanitary-veterinary professionals.

Transavia has several analysis laboratories in Alba, Brașov and Caraș Severin Counties:

Oiejdea Analysis Laboratory, where are carried out the meat physical - chemical and microbiological analyzes.

Avicola Brașov Analysis Laboratory, where are carried out the water physical - chemical and microbiological analyzes, as well as the serologic analyzes.

FNC Sântimbru Laboratory, where are carried out the raw material and final fodder - product analyzes.

Farm 4 Laboratory, where farm microbiological analyzes and serologic analyzes are carried out.

Bocșa Work Site Laboratory, where meat and farm microbiological analyzes are carried out.