Valoarea cumulată a mărcilor portofoliului TRANSAVIA depășește 103 milioane de euro, în creștere cu 28% față de anul trecut

The cumulative value of TRANSAVIA's brands portfolio exceeds EUR 103 million, up 28% on last year

Sântimbru, Alba. September 25, 2023. Brand Finance® Romania 50, 2023 edition ranks TRANSAVIA 4th in the position of the most valuable brands portfolios in Romania. The 28% year-on-year increase, the highest in the top 10, shows an increase in the cumulative value of the Romanian chicken market leader's portfolio of around €22 million, exceeding €103 million this year.  This remarkable result puts Romania's largest chicken meat producer at the top of the food industry, surpassed only by two other multinational companies in the beverage sector and a local IT&C retailer.

„We received with excitement and pride the ranking of the most valuable brand portfolios in Romania for 2023, published by Brand Finance®, in which TRANSAVIA is the highest rated food company. The fact that we have the highest increase in portfolio value over the previous year in the top 10 is a tremendous recognition of our ongoing efforts to get things exactly right, from grain to fork, despite an extremely challenging year for the entire economy.  This success would not have been possible without the efforts of our dedicated team and the trust of consumers who choose our products every day”, says Ioan Popa, Chairman and Founder of TRANSAVIA.

The Brand Finance® report shows that the value of the flagship brand Fragedo, the most important brand in TRANSAVIA's portfolio, has also increased by more than 22 million euros, climbing 3 positions in the ranking, up to 15th place, confirming consumers' appetite for safe, high-quality Romanian products.

Massive investments, consistently carried out year after year from own funds, transparency and honesty in communication, sustainable development and permanent openness to innovation support the ranking of the reputed family business, with 100% Romanian capital, among the most valuable brand portfolios in Romania.

Enhanced by a unique business model in the region, TRANSAVIA vertically integrates its entire operation, ensuring quality, safety and sustainability across the entire production chain, from grain to fork.

Brand Finance® is the world's largest independent global brand valuation consultancy, founded in 1996 to connect brands to business profitability. A Brand Valuation Report details the assumptions, data sources and calculations made to arrive at brand value. In addition to valuing each individual brand, the Brand Finance Romania 50 report also presents a ranking of the 10 most valuable brand portfolios, which are calculated for companies using more than one brand in the market. These portfolios include more than 40 well-known local brands, and the most valuable of these are also presented individually in the main ranking of the most valuable brands in the country. The company evaluates over 5,000 brands each year, worldwide and across all sectors, publishing over 100 reports annually.