Fragedo - the first brand certified Ethical Stamp - launches a new communication campaign: „from our family to your family”

Fragedo - the first brand certified Ethical Stamp - launches a new communication campaign: „from our family to your family”

Always done exactly the right way, the Fragedo products reaffirm its premium quality promise through a new image campaign: from our family to your family. Doing everything by the rules, from product to honest communication, Fragedo is the first brand that will bear the Ethical Seal on the new TV spot.  Granted by the Romanian Advertising Council (RAC) after a careful assessment, the Ethical Stamp attests to the observance of ethical principles and good advertising practices.


Following the audit of the TRANSAVIA communication, the RAC Ethics Committee unanimously approved granting the credit for the Fragedo brand, by the provisions and in the spirit of the Council's Code of Practice in Commercial Communication. Thus, the new Fragedo TV commercial is the first in Romania to bear the Ethical Stamp certification.


"RAC promotes an honest and transparent approach and conduct for the advertising campaigns. By granting the Ethical Mark status, RAC aims to protect and, at the same time, educate the consumers and the Romanian public, by validating honest, transparent, and decent advertising conduct and by promoting good practices in brand communication ", states Laurențiu Gheorghiu, Vice-Chairman RAC.



Through the Ethical Stamp certification, the industry experts confirm that the respective commercial communication is compliant with the provisions and in the spirit of the RAC Advertising Code of Practice.


"We are proud to be the first Romanian brand to obtain the Ethical Stamp certification, a recognition of the fact that we do everything by the rules. As the market leader, we are committed to saying what we do and doing what we say, being honest in all our marketing actions, communicating transparently, and showing respect for all those who choose us on the shelf. We hope that we will set an example that will be followed by as many players as possible in our industry, to promote their products through honest advertising and to understand the need for the Ethical Stamp certification following the evaluation of the RAC experts", says Theodora Popa, Vice- President of TRANSAVIA.


The new commercial staged with the help of the Austrian Director Sebastian Mayr, presents the Fragedo products in an innovative way and with a cinematic approach, showing that the quality, the freshness, the flavour, and the versatility of the products can meet the highest requests of even the most demanding consumers.

"To capture the versatility of the products, together with the TRANSAVIA team, we imagined a dynamic, action-oriented approach, while creating a cinematic experience for the new Fragedo TV commercial. The staging was a beautiful work, as well an exciting one because all the filming was done for real, with actual Fragedo products. Their real weight, firm consistency, healthy texture and very neat appearance pleasantly surprised me and my team during the filming, but it also challenged us to find technical solutions for the spectacular shots we had to take. I had a great experience on the set and during the preparation of the commercial, and this makes me think forward to the next collaboration with TRANSAVIA ", says the director of the spot, Sebastian Mayr.



The Fragedo broilers raised naturally and at a normal pace, fed with cereals from TRANSAVIA's own farms, are appreciated for their tenderness and flavor by the most demanding consumers, always having the same taste and the same quality, with a superior nutritional value, regardless of the choice of the consumers: grilled chicken, chicken breast, hammers, thighs, wings, burgers, sausages, meatballs.


Fragedo, the flagship brand of TRANSAVIA, earned the title of „The most trusted meat brand" at the 2021 edition of the Forbes Brands for Kids Summit.

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