Fragedo, No. 1 in the Romanian chicken meat market, designated "Most Trusted Meat Brand" for kids for the fifth consecutive time by Forbes Brands for Kids

Fragedo, No. 1 in the Romanian chicken meat market, designated "Most Trusted Meat Brand" for kids for the fifth consecutive time by Forbes Brands for Kids

The leader of chicken meat brands in Romania, has been reconfirmed for the 5th consecutive time in the top consumer preferences of parents in our country, being designated again this year "the most trusted meat brand (chicken, pork, beef, etc.)". This validation came following the national survey conducted in 2023 by Forbes Romania and the D&D Research Institute on parents' consumer preferences in terms of safety, quality and trust in the products they buy.


This recognition has earned the premium brand from the TRANSAVIA portfolio the ”Nr. 1 Brand for Kids by Forbes România”, distinction, awarded today, 23 November 2023, at the Forbes Brands for Kids Summit, held at the Crowne Plaza Bucharest.


”We are very honoured to receive this prestigious award from Forbes Brands for Kids for the fifth consecutive time and thank the parents who include Fragedo chickens in their children's diets. This trust is based on the promises we keep every day: guaranteed safety, superior quality and the tasty, consistent taste of our products. We can guarantee the safety and high quality of the chicken meat we offer to those who want to eat authentic, genuine, high quality products with superior nutritional value, because we do everything by the book, from the grain to the fork. The chickens raised on Transavia farms are carefully reared, meeting all European standards and thoroughly controlling the growth and welfare of the birds. In fact, we are the only producer in the country that raises and processes chickens exclusively from our own facilities, thus offering chicken meat products worthy of the trust and preference of the most demanding critics - children and parents. This award motivates us to continue to dedicate ourselves with the same passion to our mission of offering safe and high quality products, to bring a smile to the faces of the little ones and to be with the Romanian families at every meal”, says Theodora Popa, Vice-President TRANSAVIA.


Fragedo is the premium brand in Transavia's portfolio, offering a wide range of fresh meat products, from individual products to marinated specialties, that meet the contemporary needs of the contemporary Romanian family in terms of nutrition, care, health and lifestyle. As stated on the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), website, chicken meat contains less fat than other types of meat, being low in harmful trans fats but high in beneficial monounsaturated fats - which make up about half of the total. In addition to being high in protein, it is a good source of phosphorus and other minerals, as well as B-complex vitamins.


Children are in a continuous process of growth and development and the importance of protein sources in their diet is significant, providing a solid foundation for this development. Protein can be considered a true 'building blocks of the body', being not only a simple nutrient but also an essential component for the proper and healthy functioning of the growing body. A balanced diet, which includes quality protein from a variety of sources such as meat, eggs, dairy products, pulses and whole grains, ensures an adequate supply of essential amino acids and nutrients for harmonious development, providing a solid foundation for a healthy and active life for young children. And the source of protein is just as important as the quantity consumed, as its quality is essential. Fragedo's high quality chicken offers nutritional benefits, with a texture and flavour appreciated by even the most demanding consumers, children”, indicates Cristina Lupșan, TRANSAVIA Industrialization Quality Manager and nutrition technician.


Fed with grain from TRANSAVIA's own vegetable farms, Fragedo chickens are appreciated for their tenderness and flavour by the most demanding consumers, consistently having the same taste and quality, with superior nutritional value, regardless of which version they are cooked in.


The quality of TRANSAVIA products is an integral part of the company's sustainability strategy, and a key element in achieving this commitment is healthy feed and proper nutrition for the chickens. In the 100% vertically integrated production chain, from grain to fork, exclusively chickens raised in our own facilities are processed, fed with grain produced in the more than 10,000 hectares cultivated in our own vegetable farms. The crop is processed in the company's own Feed Mill  (FNC), providing fresh feed to the breeding and rearing farms on a daily basis.