Global G.A.P. Certication

Global G.A.P. Certification


Transavia receives exclusive Global G.A.P. certification in Romania for its products

Transavia Farms implements for the first time in Romania, the Global G.A.P. - good practices and sustainability in agriculture

      Transavia Farms have received a new exclusive acreditation that certifies the quality of chicken products,  through sustainable and safe production. Within the company, food safety implies applying the latest requirements of international quality and safety standards
      For consumers and retailers, GLOBAL G.A.P. is the guarantee that food products achieve the highest level of food quality and safety, being sustainable in the entire food production chain, respecting the most stringent requirements in terms of food safety, animal welfare, environmental impact, responsible water use, safe and sustainable feed production, breeding activities, safety and well-being of employees.

      "Food safety and the quality of our consumers' lives are at the heart of our company's principles. All products that we merchandise, nationally and internationally, are produced in compliance with the latest version of the highest international food safety norms and standards, under close supervision of the sanitary and veterinary authorities. The company has implemented and certified up to date the following standards: ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, BRC Food v7, Halal, "confirms Ioan Popa, Chairman of Transavia Group.

      Since June 2018, a new certificate attests the quality of Transavia products and this is Global G.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practices) - the world’s leading farm assurance program, that attests Good Farming Practices in Farms and Production Facilities.
      This standard manages the important connection between the producer and the retailer in order to ensure a safe product for the consumers. The Global G.A.P. certifies the idea of sustainable agriculture at all levels: food safety, sustainable production methods, worker and animal welfare, and responsible use of water, compound feed and plant propagation materials.
It ensures sustainable production at the strategic level of feed and feed production, breeding and hatching, poultry farms, very important and specific only for poultry producers, where Transavia has been a leader in Romania for more than 11 years.

      Global G.A.P. is a specific and exclusive standard for producers - because it targets these important sections, ensuring product transparency in front of retailers and consumers. Transavia is the only 100% fully integrated producer, from  grains to fork, in Romania, that has acquired this, fulfilling all the requirements imposed by the standard.

      There are more than 450 Global G.A.P requirments, completed and implemented in all Transavia frams and production facilities, which represent the harmonized certification of legislative acts and requirments of several major EU retailers.

       „Obtaining the  Global G.A.P. certification represents a new recognition of the work that we have been doing for over 27 years in line with the latest state-of-the-art standards and technologies, with the role of assuring consumers of our seriousness and involvement in the entire integrated production chain. Once again, we respect our promise made to consumers through Well Made in Romania and communicated directly on the packaging of our products through our icon ” Safety assumed by the founding family, "says Dr. Ioan Popa, Chairman of  Transavia Group.
About Transavia
      Transavia is one of the most reputed Romanian family businesses with over 27 years experience in the market, during which it became the local leader in the chicken industry. A company with 100% Romanian capital, Transavia operates sustainably with a vertically integrated business model,in order to provide the best food standard to Romanians and consumers worldwide. Permanent opening to innovation has contributed to Transavia’s success, ranking the company among the most valuable businesses in Romania.
      Product quality and achieved performance has brought the company the title of Supplier of the Royal House of Romania in 2006, as well as other national and international awards. Transavia has over 2,000 employees, 4 vegetal farms, 28  breeding farms, 2 hatcheries, one mixed fodder factory, 3 slaughterhouses and a meat processing plant. Transavia Farms are located in 8 counties in Romania, Alba, Cluj, Sibiu, Brasov, Timis, Mures, Harghita and Caras Severin, where over 70,000 tons of chicken meat are produced annually. The company's products meet the highest standards of quality and are present in most modern retail chains with Fragedo and Papane brands. More than 25% of the company's annual production goes to export, in several countries from the European Union, such as the UK, Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Hungary, Greece, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy and Croatia.