If more people did the right things,  Romania would have been different

If more people did the right things, Romania would have been different - The new Transavia communication campaign signed by Papaya Advertising

      After 100 years since the Great Union, Transavia, the leader of the poultry meat market in Romania, takes a step outside the category and proposes a hard but real-life food for thought exercise adapted to the current Romanian society.
      So, after 100 years of Romania, do we really have reasons to celebrate? Are we proud of what we are? Things could have been different? These are the questions that we should have asked for a long time. In a society where honesty, integrity and respect seem to be just a set of principles left behind, Transavia tries to remind everyone that without them we can not become better. And celebrating the centenarian can be an important moment to discuss what we seem to miss. All these in an unique, atypical and memorable TV ad produced by Transavia together with Papaya Advertising.

      Transavia, a family business with 100% Romanian capital, is a business built from scratch on solid principles and rules, producing for over 27 years the safest and most qualitative poultry products.

      "Simple and effective, we honor our promise made to our consumers everywhere through Well Made in Romania, a promise communicated directly on Fragedo's packaging through the  icon Premium Quality assumed by the founding family.
We want to send a message to our consumers and assure them that what they buy is not just a simple chicken, but the result of a way of doing things. And this is only possible by showing integrity in what we do, avoiding any kind of compromise. We are a family business, and in our family, to earn the respect of others is an honor, but also a great responsibility. We did it by doing things exactly as it should be" says Ioan Popa, Transavia Chairman.

About Transavia
      Transavia is one of the most reputed Romanian family businesses with over 27 years experience in the market, during which it became the local leader in the chicken industry. A company with 100% Romanian capital, Transavia operates sustainably with a vertically integrated business model, in order to provide the best food standard to Romanians and consumers worldwide. Permanent opening to innovation has contributed to Transavia’s success, ranking the company among the most valuable businesses in Romania.
      The quality of the products and also the achieved performance has brought the company the title of Supplier of the Royal House of Romania in 2006, as well as other national and international awards. Transavia has over 2,000 employees, 4 vegetal farms, 27  breeding farms, 2 hatcheries, one mixed fodder factory, 3 slaughterhouses and a meat processing plant. Transavia Farms are located in 8 counties around Romania, in Alba, Cluj, Sibiu, Brasov, Timis, Mures, Harghita and Caras Severin, where over 70,000 tons of chicken meat are produced annually. The company's products meet the highest standards of quality and are present in most modern retail chains with Fragedo and Papane brands. More than 25% of the company's annual production goes to export, in several countries from the European Union, such as UK, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Hungary, Greece, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy and Croatia.

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