Sustainability favorably influences the behavior of Romanian chicken consumers:  1 in 2 Romanians are willing to pay more for sustainable products
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Sustainability favorably influences the behavior of Romanian chicken consumers: 1 in 2 Romanians are willing to pay more for sustainable products

TRANSAVIA's constant efforts to offer consumers sustainable products are also supported by understanding our consumers' expectations. Thus, we joined the latest syndicated study conducted by Reveal Marketing Research in order to understand how Romanians define the concept of "green" and to measure their sustainable behaviors. So, sustainability is understood through three pillars: protecting the environment, reducing waste, especially through recycling, and health.

The results show that the ecological dimension of sustainability takes precedence to a significantly greater extent compared to its social or political implications. For 60% of the respondents it is important that the manufacturer implements measures to reduce the impact on the environment, and only 43% consider it important that the product gives them a certain social status.


Romanians are willing to make efforts in developing a sustainable lifestyle

The study illustrates that Romanians are aware of the importance and necessity of adopting a sustainable lifestyle. More than half of them say that they are even willing to pay more for products that are promoted as sustainable (54%), and a share of 68% would be willing to change their lifestyle if this behavior would help protect the environment.


Natural food for chickens brings health benefits

Currently, over 70% of Romanian consumers express their interest in having a sustainable lifestyle. Thus, when it comes to choosing meat products, 77% consider the good reputation of the company to be important, and that the animals should be fed with natural products.

At the same time, the health benefits influencing to the greatest extent the option to choose products from the "green" category (79%).


Romanians who have started a family are more considerate of the environment

The different types of sustainable behaviors are more common in the case of people with families, while young people and those without a partner adopt sustainability at a declarative rather than a behavioral level.

Therefore, more than 70% of respondents with families declare that they quite often use to collect waste in different containers, specially arranged and labeled for the various categories, while only 58% of the young generation Z declare this. The same trend can be seen in the use of reusable bags, more than 75% of those with families use them, compared to 60% of the young and single.


Key conclusions:

• More than 70% of Romanians are interested in leading a sustainable lifestyle.

• More than half of Romanians (54%) declare that they would be willing to pay more for        products that are promoted as sustainable.

• 61% of Romanians consider organic products to be of better quality than standard ones.

Methodology: The study was carried out between 08-17.08.2022 by creating the Sustainability Panel Proprietary Reveal Marketing Research, an "agile" tool, very powerful for market research, which combines the benefits of online studies with the benefits of dynamics/continuous social interaction between participants . For this wave, a sample of 1,004 respondents was created, a representative sample for the universe of people aged 18+ in Romania, internet users. The maximum sampling error for the overall target is +/-3.1% at a 95% confidence level.