TRANSAVIA is the 1st Romanian company co-signing the European initiative for responsible practices in the food sector

TRANSAVIA is the 1st Romanian company co-signing the European initiative for responsible practices in the food sector

Bucharest, July, 20th, 2021. TRANSAVIA is the 1st Romanian company that co-signs the EU Code of Conduct on Responsible Food Business and Marketing Practices, thus reassuming the firm commitment to substantially contribute to a healthy, durable, and balanced life for all its consumers. This voluntary initiative is a new proof of the transparency of the durable actions that TRANSAVIA undertakes, from farm to fork, based on the best practices and on the strictest protocols along the entire chain of production and distribution.   


" By signing this EU Code of Conduct, together with the major international companies, we are contributing to the sustainable food industry and we are proud to mark the 30th anniversary of our establishment, in which we have always strived to do the right thing, in the right way, in all the areas in which we operate. Our commitment is to continue contributing to the consumers and communities' quality of life and to minimize the impact on the environment by capitalizing and recycling the waste and by the rational use of natural resources such as water, soil, natural gas, etc., so that future generations may benefit from them accordingly. In this way, we strive to be the best in everything we do, always respecting the highest standards and keeping our promises to our consumers, day by day, whether we are talking about the product quality, the strictest food safety protocols, the responsible treatment of animals, the environmental protection or the responsible and honest marketing. We hope that our example will be followed by other Romanian companies that will follow us and sign the Code, thus assuming a responsible contribution to the sustainable development of the food industry ", said Dr. Eng. Ioan Popa, Chairman and Founder of TRANSAVIA.


By signing the EU Code of Conduct on Responsible Food Business and Marketing Practices, TRANSAVIA, the Romanian leader of poultry sector, consolidates its commitments to very ambitious goals, already included in the Sustainability Report, another pioneering initiative carried out by TRANSAVIA, as the first Romanian food company. All these objectives, focusing on reducing the ecological footprint, are going to be annually pursued, in order to be fully met by 2025:


  • The implementation of the environmental management system according to the requirements of SR EN ISO 14001: 2015
  • Identifying the alternative solutions, where appropriate, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Maintaining the degree of compliance with legal requirements in the field of environmental protection
  • Improving waste management
  • Improving wastewater management
  • Reducing energy consumption by replacing outdoor lighting from 250 W and 150W to 90 W and replacing existing lighting with 9 W LEDs
  • Procurement of raw materials from areas certified as sustainable production, without negative impact on the environment
  • Maintaining staff retention
  • Use of innovative packaging
  • Continuous modernization and refurbishment for sustainable production
  • Creation of a practice center and support of professional activities for young mechanics, engineers and electricians
  • Expansion of the fleet for the transport of the employees
  • Expanding the fleet for the transport of goods and products as well as planning flights in an economical and efficient way

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TRANSAVIA, one of the most trustworthy family businesses and the leader of the poultry market in Romania, focuses all its actions and efforts to grow the business in a healthy, sustainable way, having a business strategy based on a strong component oriented towards supporting communities. to social responsibility and care for the environment, to responsibility for employees, and to responsible and sustainable production.


The consumer appreciation, shown by the confidence in the quality of the TRANSAVIA products, 100% natural, tasty, and exceeding food safety and quality standards imposed by law, is doubled by the awards received from prestigious local and international organizations and by holding numerous certifications that demonstrate its commitment to sustainability: Global GAP - Integrated Farm Assurance, BRC 8 A +, FSSC 22000, ISO 22000, McDonald's SQMS, SWA, SMETA, RTRS - Responsibility SOY, Official Supplier of the Royal House of Romania.





TRANSAVIA is the leader of the local chicken market, one of the most important family businesses, which owns and produces the Fragedo, Libertan and Papane brands. Included in the top of the most valuable companies in Romania, TRANSAVIA operates sustainably with a vertically integrated business model, based on the best practices and the strictest protocols in the entire production and distribution chain, from grain to fork. In its 30 years of activity, TRANSAVIA has constantly invested in modernization and state-of-the-art technology and has adopted innovation as a source of sustainable business growth and predictability for the future. One of the largest Romanian employers, TRANSAVIA currently has over 2,400 employees, who work mainly in the 29 poultry farms and in the 4 vegetable production farms, in the compound feed factory, in the 3 state-of-the-art slaughterhouses and in the meat processing plant. In TRANSAVIA farms, located in 8 counties in Romania, over 100,000 tons of chicken are produced annually. Over 25% of the company's annual production goes to export in several European countries, such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Hungary, Greece, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Spain and Croatia, but also on the African continent, the Sea Mediterranean or CIS. TRANSAVIA is the first Romanian company co-signing the EU Code of Conduct on responsible commercial and marketing practices in the food sector.

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