Dacă faci un lucru, fă-l cum trebuie - Fragedo

Transavia celebrates 30 years on the Romanian market with a new image campaign for the flagship brand Fragedo

Fragedo, the flagship brand of the Transavia, is the most popular in the segment, always on the top of Romanian consumers' preferences due to its quality, at the highest level, since its launch. Always well made, exactly as it should be, Fragedo confirms its promise of premium quality through a new image campaign signed by Mullen Romania.

"For the development of the creative concept of the campaign, we felt inspired by the very values of the brand, thus the insight emerged naturally: when done with passion and skills, even the most common things can be turned into artistry. The campaign succeeds to remind the consumers that every Fragedo product is ‘always well made”, as it should be. Thus, we staged a common situation, such as cooking at home, in which even a moment of humming a certain song can raise the emotions to the highest levels. Like the results brought by Fragedo all the time", stated Silviu Antohe, Executive Creative Director, Mullen România.

See the TV commercial here.

Always proving the same taste, savory, quality, and superior nutritional value, the Fragedo chickens are fed 100% with cereals from Transavia's own farms. This is why even the most demanding consumers highly appreciate them for their tenderness and flavour, regardless of the chosen variants: grilled chicken, boneless chicken breast, finless sectioned wings, or liver and drumsticks.

"For 30 years, the quality of our products exceeds the highest standards, and the investments in innovation, technology, and environmental protection have strengthened our leading position in the chicken market. The trust of our consumers lays on the kept promises: the superior quality of all our products, the taste, always the same, the honesty and transparency of our communication through which we transmit to consumers what we do and what the quality of our chickens is based on, so that they can make an informed decision of what is good to buy", said Tulia Cășvean, Director of Corporate Communication and PR, Transavia.

For 30 years, the chickens have been carefully raised in the Transavia farms, strictly respecting all the European norms and standards, controlling in the smallest detail, from grain to fork, the development and welfare of the birds. Chickens rise naturally, at a normal pace, due to the excellent conditions on the farms, well-fed with the best products from Transavia’s own farms.

A 100% Romanian investment company, Transavia runs a vertically integrated and sustainable business model, that allows full control of the quality and safety of the products offered to consumers. 30 years after its establishment, Transavia, one of the most reputable family businesses in Romania, holds, according to the Brand Finance 2021 ranking, the fourth most valuable brand portfolio, cumulatively valuing 81 million euros. About 25% of the company's annual production goes to export, in several European countries, on the African continent, in the Mediterranean area, and in the CIS.