TRANSAVIA, the most awarded company with Romanian capital in the county

TRANSAVIA, the most awarded company with Romanian capital in the county

Yesterday, 7 December, TRANSAVIA excelled at the Best of Business Gala, organized by the Alba County Council, receiving recognition for its excellence in operations, significant contribution to community life, active role in developing the county's economy and creating strong brands.

TRANSAVIA, the most awarded company with Romanian capital, won awards in the following categories:

  • The largest agricultural production and investment
  • Significant involvement in community life
  • Creation of new jobs by companies with Romanian capital
  • Best employers
  • Highest export values of companies with Romanian capital
  • Highest investments of Romanian capital in the county economy
  • Substantial contributions to the county budget - companies with Romanian capital
  • Development of representative brands for the county

"We are proud of our success and the positive impact we are having in the community! These accomplishments reflect our unwavering commitment to excellence and determination to do things exactly right, from grain to fork, and to make our significant contribution to the progress and well-being of our community. We commend every member of the TRANSAVIA team for their passion, discipline and dedication, which are fundamental elements that fuel our success," say company representatives.

We thank the organizers for the recognition and congratulate all the award-winning companies.