TRANSAVIA takes another step in the transparency process and publishes the second Sustainability Report, Care and Resilience, from grain to fork

TRANSAVIA takes another step in the transparency process and publishes the second Sustainability Report, Care and Resilience, from grain to fork

Alba-Iulia. December 14th, 2021. TRANSAVIA, the leader of the Romanian chicken market, published, for the second consecutive year, the Sustainability Report. The document shows transparently the 2020 progress for achieving the sustainability objectives set. TRANSAVIA, the only company in the sector publishing such a document, presents its sustainable development and its contribution to the well-being of employees, animals, the environment, and the communities interacting with.


The document, prepared by the most widely used international sustainability reporting standard, GRI, analyses the progress made in achieving the ambitious targets set for 2019-2025. These targets, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, guide all company's activities, practices, and operations concerning consumers, employees, customers, suppliers, authorities, NGOs, and other stakeholders.

”We are proud that, for the second year in a row, we are the only Romanian poultry producer acting in a sustainable and transparent manner, publishing the report of all our non-financial actions. By this document, we show the care with which we do things exactly the right way when it comes to employees, responsible production, the environment, or the communities we interact with. During 2020, we implemented measures contributing to the safety and health of our employees, our chickens, and the communities in which we operate. At the same time, we continued to protect the environment in every sector of our vertically integrated business, from grain to fork. We kept investing in development and technology and in supporting social initiatives contributing to change for the better, to sustainability, to health, education, sports, and community development”, declares Dr. Eng. Ioan Popa, Chairman and Founder of TRANSAVIA.

The topics of interest that the company undertook to analyse and include in the report are the result of stakeholders consultation, by applying 94 questionnaires, increasing by +77% the respondents versus the previous report. Thus, the Sustainability Report 2020 provides an overview of how TRANSAVIA acts to contribute to a sustainable future, focusing on the four strategic pillars of sustainability: responsibility towards employees, responsible production (excellence considered normal in everything we do), care for the environment, and social impact in the community.

” This second Sustainability Report shows clearly and concisely how we, the TRANSAVIA Group, keep our daily promises, pursue and achieve our proposed objectives. The Report also provides examples of how we create sustainable value through our activities, finding the balance between performance and the impact we have on the well-being and health of people, the environment, the animals, and the society, always being connected to stakeholders we influence, and which influence us.”, affirms Theodora Popa, Vice-chairman TRANSAVIA.

The company's non-financial activity and performance in 2020

The report presents the company's non-financial information, analysing the impact at all stages of the value chain, according to the 100% integrated model of the TRANSAVIA business: from grain production to animal welfare, from product certification to distribution. It also evaluates the company's actions, concerning all stakeholders, about the economic, social, and environmental impact.

As previously, in 2020 the company has ensured that there is no payment discrimination between women and men, by promoting the principle of equal rights and equal opportunities and treatment for all employees.

The integrated production chain, from grain to fork, a unique strategy in Southeast Europe, continued to be one of the engines of the business, guaranteeing the highest quality, at certified food safety standards. TRANSAVIA is the only Romanian poultry producer raising all chickens on its own: from its own hatchery, parent stock farms, and broilers farms, feeding them with cereals cropped on its own vegetal farms, spread on 10,000 cultivated hectares.

The certifications (including GlobalG.A.P., BRC, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, SMETA) and the results of internal and external audits confirm the compliance with the strictest food standards and the respect of all commitments. These guarantee the high quality of the finished products, always safe for the end consumer.

In terms of reducing its environmental footprint, TRANSAVIA continuously improves sustainability by building and developing a standardized Environmental Management System. Due to EMS, the company early identifies potential environmental issues and risks and takes action to mitigate the impact on the environment. The EMS's key areas of action are: water management, energy efficiency, raw material supply, and waste management. Environmental efforts are constantly focused on saving water and wastewater management, increasing energy efficiency and reducing emissions throughout the supply chain, and reducing food waste.

TRANSAVIA directly supported 29 organizations and entities providing support for the medical system (PCR testing equipment and tests for COVID-19, medical equipment, masks, disinfectants), for the communities it interacts with, and the individuals (through patronage or aid for medical treatment).

The report provides information on sustainable development on all four strategic pillars (employee, responsible production, environment, community), the progress towards the set objectives, and the goals for the future (2030).

The full TRANSAVIA Sustainability Report 2020 can be read here.