TRANSAVIA's third Sustainability Report transparently illustrates the company's approach, goals achieved and progress made in 2021

TRANSAVIA's third Sustainability Report transparently illustrates the company's approach, goals achieved and progress made in 2021

Alba Iulia, 16 December 2022. TRANSAVIA, the poultry market leader, launches its third annual Sustainability Report, "Feeding the Future. By doing it right, from grain to fork". Covering the 2021 fiscal year, the report transparently outlines the company's approach, goals achieved and accomplishments, as well as its contribution to the well-being of people, the environment, animals and the community through a sustainable and transparent approach to sustainability.


The new Sustainability Report tracks progress against the ambitious targets proposed in relation to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and analyses the impact at all stages of the value chain, according to TRANSAVIA's 100% integrated business model: from grain production to animal welfare, from product certification to processing and distribution.


"The new Sustainability Report illustrates our efforts and achievements, 30 years since the company was founded. Our 100% integrated business model, zero waste policy, responsible manufacturing, sustained investment and the care we have for our people, environment and communities are key contributors to the performance of our operations and our progress. We continue to work towards improving results against our targets and remain focused on consumer needs for quality, healthy and sustainable products," says Dr. Ing. Ioan Popa, Chairman and Founder of TRANSAVIA.


TRANSAVIA is leading the sustainable transformation within the industry in which it operates, being the only company in the sector to produce a Sustainability Report to international standards and make it public for three years now.


"As well in 2021 we did things exactly right, following our strategy, from bean to fork. We conducted operations responsibly, creating a solid framework for a better future for all of us. We continued to make a substantial contribution to healthy, balanced and sustainable living for all our consumers, as well as supporting global sustainability goals, being the only 100% locally owned company co-signatory of the EU Code of Conduct on Responsible Business and Marketing Practices in the Food Sector", says Theodora Popa, Vice President TRANSAVIA.


Prepared in accordance with the most widely used international reporting standard for sustainability, GRI, the document presents information on the company's activities, practices and operations in relation to consumers, employees, customers, suppliers, authorities, NGOs and other stakeholders, on sustainable development and on progress towards the company's objectives. Particular attention is paid to business ethics, absolute quality and food safety of products, health and safety of employees, customers and partners. The report also demonstrates continuous improvement in performance in terms of energy efficiency, water saving and waste water management, reduction of emissions throughout the production chain, animal welfare, reduction of food waste and environmental protection.


"For us, the Sustainability Report is also a blueprint for the future. All the assessments we make about how we produce safely and to the quality we expect, how we protect the environment for future generations, how we contribute to economic sustainability and to the development of the communities where we operate, keep us focused on continuously improving our performance and help us plan further improvements to our sustainable development plans", adds Theodora Popa, Vice President TRANSAVIA.


Highlights of some of the company's most important results in 2021

The market leader in chicken meat has made notable progress on its strategic sustainability goals across all four strategic pillars:


Responsibility to Employees:

- the principle of equal opportunities and equal treatment of all employees operates in employment relations,

- TRANSAVIA employees are paid well above the minimum wage in Romania and there is no differentiation in pay between men and women,

- employees receive the full set of benefits provided for by the regulations in force for the position held and also receive additional benefits based on performance.

Responsible production:

- 100% of chicken meat production is BRCGS Food Safety (British Retail Consortium Global Standards) certified, with TRANSAVIA being the only poultry meat producer nationally to hold an AA+ rating,

- all TRANSAVIA production facilities have been inspected by the veterinary authorities and have recorded ZERO incidents of non-compliance with current health and consumer safety legislation,

- 100% of the soybean meal purchased for bird feed is certified, as of 2020, as coming from outside the Amazon Biomass, thus meeting the proposed objective of using only raw materials from sustainable sources in the procurement of bird feed,

- we monitor and improve animal welfare along our value chain taking into account the 5 animal freedoms (World Organization for Animal Health) and use science-based animal welfare indicators to increase transparency of information to our customers and consumers.

Care for the Environment:

- As a result of the actions taken, 426,298 tons of CO2 were reduced in the reporting year,

- waste recovery was up to 99.7%,

- 125,000 cubic metres less water was consumed than in the previous year, even with the expansion of production facilities.

Involvement with social impact:

- The total value of sponsorships was more than 2.2 MIL LEI, helping to support 32 organizations and entities,

- positive impact on the communities where the company operates was achieved in 3 priority areas: Education, Health, Sport.


The full Sustainability Report can be accessed here: LINK