Chicken nuggets

Papane Bistro: Tempura chicken nuggets
Piept de pui
Product description

Papane Bistro: Tempura chicken nuggets

Papane chicken meat assortments are produced using cutting-edge technologies that ensure product freshness and delicious flavour.

The chicken meat used in Papane is baked and then frozen. This particular detail in the cooking process ensures the preservation of nutritional qualities, and the certainty you enjoy healthy food.

*The use of any hormonal substances in poultry breeding is prohibited by law.

Product handling

Remove packaging.

  • product can be cooked from frozen;
  • place in a preheated oven (on a baking tray, with no oil) at 200 °C for 8-10 minutes;
  • cook using a preheated oil pan or a deep fryer at 180 °C and fry for 2-3 minutes;
  • check product is piping hot and cooked throughout before serving;
  • do not reheat.

Store at -18 °C.

For your individual freezer, follow the star marked instructions:
★★★   -18 °C   see back of pack
★★☆   -12 °C   1 month
★☆☆   -8 °C    1 week
Refrigerator:     24 hours

Do not refreeze once defrosted.

Energy values
869 kJ / 208 kcal
12 g
of which saturates
12.7 g
of which sugars
0.8 g
11.9 g
1.18 g