FRAGEDO awarded "Most powerful meat brand"

FRAGEDO awarded "Most powerful meat brand"

The votes of 544 retailers and suppliers awarded our Fragedo brand the title of "Best Meat Brand". It was voted tied with Cris-Tim, and the award ceremony took place on Thursday, 16 November 2023, in Bucharest, during the 18th edition of the "PIAȚA Awards" Gala.

"We are honored to receive the ”Best Meat Brand” award for our flagship brand, Fragedo, at this year's PIAȚA Awards. This recognition motivates us to continue to do things exactly right to bring joy to every kitchen with our safe, quality, tender, authentic-tasting products. We invite all consumers to take inspiration from the recipes created for the 'just right' taste enthusiast in the RECIPES section of our website.

We thank every member of the TRANSAVIA team for their dedication and passion in building and maintaining this strong and beloved brand. We congratulate all the winners of the Piața Awards and the entire Revista Piața team for the landmark event of the year in the FMCG segment," say TRANSAVIA representatives.

Fragedo is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to eat natural, high-quality products that ensure taste and nutritional value at the highest level. The wide range of fresh chicken products ensures the perfect choice for any family: portioned and carefully selected products, from traditional grilled chicken, chicken livers and thighs, boneless chicken breast and chicken wings to delicious recipes for all tastes. For convenience, you can choose the Fragedo Deli (Barbecue, Marinés and selected assortments) and the Fragedo Vin Prietenii la tine (ready-made specialties based on your own recipes).

TRANSAVIA chicken farms comply with strict space and hygiene conditions, the chickens are treated with great care and their feed is exclusively based on cereals, which come from their own crops. The authentic taste of Fragedo meat is given by the healthy natural environment in which the chickens are raised.

The PIATA Awards reward the performance of the 2022 - 2023 season in the fast consumer goods industry.