TRANSAVIA initiates, together with reputable Romanian brands, the Authentic Romanian program

TRANSAVIA initiates, together with reputable Romanian brands, the Authentic Romanian program

Alba Iulia, October 10, 2022. TRANSAVIA, one of the finalists of this year's BVB Made in Romania program, proposes an association platform for the most valuable and sustainable Romanian brands, with the aim of creating content and new experiences for consumers. The start of the project also marks the "National Day of Romanian agri-food products", celebrated annually on October 10.

The start of the Authentic Romanian program is marked by the collaboration of the Fragedo chicken meat brands (TRANSAVIA), the furniture retailer Mobexpert, Monte Banato pasta (Pangram Reșita) and Cramelor Recaș wines, offering original gastronomic and lifestyle content in digital media.

"This approach is an opportunity to unite the forces of Romanian brand owners to inspire their audiences and remind them of the essential role these companies play in the development of communities: from consumers, employees and business partners. We aim, through the quality of the products we offer together with our partners in this project, to increase the share of those who prefer products from Romania, because we know that Romanian brands still have some catching up to do in this regard.

At the same time, our messages will contribute, in addition to increasing attachment to Romanian brands, to the generation of income, jobs and to improving the national reputation and to the preservation of product manufacturing traditions." – says Linda Willy, TRANSAVIA Marketing Director.

The Authentic Romanian Program will increase the visibility of the partner brands through new and surprising ways: from original recipes with quality, sustainable ingredients, to the launch of contests with exclusive benefits, from the creation of original content, to the construction of exclusive experiences for Romanian consumers, in during events, festivals or excursions or VIP dinners.

"At Cramele Recaș, every activity that we carry out in a sustainable way for our community is based on the principles of an authentic Romanian business, developed with the help of passion, dedication and respect for the lovers of wine from the sun on the Banat plains.

Collaborating together in this project makes us happy and reconfirms that passion is the main "ingredient" that brings together the entire activity of the partners involved. Through this partnership we want to continue the process of promoting Romanian wine among our community", declares Paul Aparaschivei, Cramele Recaș Marketing Director.

"We know how much our customers value authenticity and quality things made with love and respect. So we were happy to find other Romanian companies with common values, with which to build valuable experiences for consumers." - Margareta Vieriu, Marketing Director PANGRAM SA Romania.

A recent syndicated study, also supported by TRANSAVIA, showed that, for almost half of the respondents, it is important that the products they buy are produced in Romania, and 44% declare that, if they had a choice between two products, they would - he would choose the Romanian one.

"Mobexpert attaches great importance to products made in Romania, created by our designers and made in our own factories. We are constantly innovating because we want to be as close as possible to our customers and offer them quality products at fair prices. In addition, production in local factories helps us to offer new, trending products with reasonable delivery times. The Made in Romania collection from the Mobexpert portfolio is at the top of our customers' preferences. The fact that 60% of them buy pieces of furniture and decorations made in the local market is a reason for joy and pride." - says Adelina Badea, Mobexpert CEO.

The Authentic Romanian Project is part of TRANSAVIA's mission to contribute to people's quality of life, ensuring sustainable, healthy and safe food, from grain to fork, and to have a positive impact on society.

TRANSAVIA initiates, together with reputable Romanian brands, the Authentic Romanian program



TRANSAVIA is the leader of the local chicken meat market, being one of the most important family businesses, which owns and produces the Fragedo chicken meat brands, Libertan slow growing chicken and Papane chicken semi-prepared products. Included in the top of the most valuable portfolios in Romania, TRANSAVIA operates sustainably with a vertically integrated business model, based on the best practices and the strictest protocols in the entire production and distribution chain, from grain to fork. In its more than 30 years of activity, TRANSAVIA has constantly invested in modernization and state-of-the-art technology and adopted innovation as a source of sustainable business growth and predictability for the future. One of the largest Romanian employers, TRANSAVIA currently has over 2,300 employees, who work mainly in the 30 poultry farms and in the 4 vegetable production farms, in the combined fodder factory, in the 3 state-of-the-art slaughterhouses and in the meat processing plant. In TRANSAVIA farms, located in 8 counties in Romania, over 100,000 tons of chicken meat are produced annually. About 25% percent of the company's annual production is exported to several European countries, the African continent, the Mediterranean Sea and the CIS. For more information, visit



Pangram is the company that brought the concept of flour pasta with egg to the Romanian market.

MONTE BANATO has positioned itself as the market leader of flour pasta with egg over the years.

MONTE BANATO is also the first brand of PASTA FOR DESSERT, an innovation created especially for sweet dishes, so beloved by Romanians. Currently, the PANGRAM portfolio includes MONTE BANATO pastas and salami, as well as the products of the Colussi and Misura brands from Italy. For more information, visit


Cramele Recaș ranks first on the Romanian wine market according to turnover, being, at the same time, the largest exporter of bottled wines in Romania (responsible for about 55% of all local wine that reaches the border). The producer from Banat exploits an area of ​​approximately 1,200 hectares of vines located in Recaș, benefiting from a storage capacity of approx. 39,000,000 liters per year. The winemakers of Cramelor Recaș, Hartley Smithers (Australia) and Nora Iriarte (Spain), were included in the 2020 list of the 100 best winemakers worldwide, following the ranking made by the international profile magazine "The Drinks Business". The producer covers a wide range of market segments, from entry level to premium and super-premium, also imposing a gustatory diversity of the ranges, from white, dry, fresh or barricaded, to sparkling and dessert wines.


Mobexpert Group was founded in 1993 and is a 100% Romanian company, owned by the entrepreneur Dan Șucu. Mobexpert is a vertically integrated company that starts with the design and engineering of products, goes with them through manufacturing and retail, all the way to the end customer space. Mobexpert's regional network includes 28 hyperstores and smaller stores, as well as an online store, The Mobexpert group has 2,100 employees and an annual turnover of approximately 250 million euros. The Mobexpert group also owns eight furniture factories that produce for the Romanian market and for export. Mobexpert also includes 5 Mobexpert Outlet stores dedicated to special offers, located in Bucharest (in the areas of Pipera, Pantelimon, Militari), Suceava and Constanța.