Feed Mill

Provided with fodder sterilization system, unique in our country, the mixed fodder factory from Sântimbru produces about 500 tons of feedstuff per day for Transavia farms, without any contact with the external environment

The factory is located at the Sântimbru outskirts and its main activity object is the production of feed.

In 2015, the production and storage capacity of factory was extended by up to 70%. The investment implied the extension of the manufacturing lines from 3 to 5, a new manufacturing building, ramps for raw materials and driers. Currently, the mixed fodder factory in Alba produces feed for all the farms of the Company, regardless of their locations. The current production capacity is of 30 to/h, respectively 250,000 tons of feed per year, and the storage capacity is of 110,000 tons in 21 silos.