Rearing Farms

The poultry breeding in the 27 farms of Transavia is made in compliance with the strictest European animal welfare standards, benefiting of fully automated processes of feeding, ponding, monitoring and controlling ensured through sensors. Animal welfare is ensured both through cutting-edge technology, and through a permanent presence of the qualified personnel made of medical doctors and veterinary technicians.

With an annual production of more than 50 million eggs, the reproduction farm has reproduction poultry carefully selected, whose health is cautiously monitored by a sanitary-veterinary laboratory. The hatching stations have a capacity of 40 million one-day chicken per year, using only eggs produced in the reproduction department of Transavia. Here are obtained, fully automated, the one-day chickens that are transferred to the broiler farms under maximal bio-security conditions.

Transavia has 2 hatching stations, one located in Brasov and the other, in Cristian, Sibiu County. The modern hatching stations are built in order to ensure separate rooms for each of the operations. The 24 broiler farms are located within areas isolated from other animal farms and potential contamination sources in order to ensure a high level of bio-security and protection.